Day 18: Mumford & Sons

Today was going to be a good day - Mumford & Sons in concert at 3 Arena.  The day started with me teaching at 9.10 in the morning.  I had started the new lessons with each class respectively - Order of Operations and Coordinate Geometry involving Pythagorean Theorem.  After I finished teaching my two classes, I then headed back to the house to drop off my teaching materials and then headed to Edmondstown to determine the shipping cost and possibly if I could do such at the post.

After getting to Edmondstown on foot (about 25 minutes) I talked to the main guy behind the counter and said the place was only a delivery area and not a buying/shipping area.  Darn. So I then asked what would be the next best area to try - he said to try Rathfarnham.

After catching the bus and getting off near Rathfarnham, I then waited for about 15 minutes due to the door not being open.  I looked at their hours and I assumed that it said 9.30 - 17.30 open.  Sure enough our host mother told me later on in the evening that the post offices in Ireland are closed from 13.00 to 14.00.  Once again fail on my part.  I then decided to head into Rathmines to see if this would make any difference.  It sure did!

Once I got off the 15B Bus I made my way over to the post office.  They said that they would be open till 17.30 and will ship for a decent price (around 60 to 70 euro).  I then had to make my across the street to look at the boxes - the post office does not sell boxes.  They cost about 7 euro for a decent box to fit 10 to 20 kg.

I then headed into Dublin City for I had about three hours to meet up with Sarah and Ashley for dinner before the concert.  As I got off the 15B Bus again, I then headed over to the Irish Whiskey Museum to see what it was like.  Well, it was great!  There was only two people on the tour including myself.  This allowed us to ask specific questions and also drink more whiskey!!!  At the end of the tour, I received a souvenir glass for finishing the tour.

Afterwards, I then met up with Sarah and Ashley at the Oneil's Pub and Restaurant.  The place was extravagant!  We sat for a little bit before ordering food - I had ordered fish & chips with a Bulmer's Berry.  After eating dinner, we then finally headed our way down the Liffey to 3 Arena.  By this time it was 18.00.  Once we got there, we then waited in line to get into the building.  The place seemed like it was going to be packed (found out afterwards it was sold out!).  After getting inside we then found our separate seats and waited for the show to begin.  During the concert, I sat beside a guy who was interested in my accent and what I was doing in Ireland.  Sure enough I found out that he also liked country music!  He told me he had tickets for the Country to Country concert that was occurring at 3 Arena in March.  He seemed like a great guy - he also made his own way once into Iowa to take his wife on an anniversary trip to where John Wayne was born and met relatives of his family (The Quiet Man was filmed in Ireland).

The act by Mumford & Sons was amazing!  They incorporated their old songs as well as introduced their new songs on the new album.  It was so great.  After the concert finished, I then met up with Sarah and Ashley to drop them off at their bus stop.  I personally knew I was not going to make a bus and my host mother actually said she would pick me up.  However, the concert ran 30 minutes later than expected and there was no wi-fi for me to keep in touch!  I made my way down to Dublin Castle (I had walked 40 minutes by now) and waited to get wi-fi.  Once I got wi-fi, I then got a hold of Catherine and she was still willing to pick me up...what a great family we have!

After all the struggle of getting home, we made it back around 1.00 in the morning.  Time for bed!  It was a long but great day - for sure an eventful one!