Day 24: Free Day Before Leaving (Aviva Stadium)

Today was the last day in Dublin before heading home.  I decided to take the day to myself and go to see Aviva Stadium since that is the last stadium in the area I hadn't seen.

It was kinda nice to sleep in this morning and catch up on some needed sleep, but then I was right out the door catching the 15B Bus into Rathmines.  After stopping at Rathmines, I hurried on and caught the 18 Bus that runs past Aviva Stadium.

Once I got to the stadium, the tour was going to occur in only minutes - I tend to have perfect timing in Ireland!  The tour guide took us into the media rooms, press conference rooms, and even the locker rooms before heading out onto the pitch.  During the off days, they have lamps set up throughout the field to grow the grass back faster since the lack of sun occurs daily usually.

We then headed upward to the top floor of the stadium and got to see the entire stadium.

After the tour, I then walked around the stadium to just look around.  Then I finally made my way back to Rathmines to catch the bus pass Pennys.  I then stopped in to Tesco to get some more chocolate and some "beverages" that Ron and Catherine said to get.

I then made my way back home where the evening was a night of dinner and discussion with the family.   After dinner, I handed out the gifts to the family - a head band for Catherine, socks for Ron, a Christmas ornament for Ava since she gave us one, and a Lego set and Walking Dead graphic novel book for Jordan and Evan to share.

The evening came to a close with us talking with Catherine and Ron for the rest of the time.  It was such a great time with the family to spend talking and sharing each other's presence.  Tomorrow will be a long day for us...but I'm looking forward to coming home and seeing family, my brother who comes home from Vancouver Canada for Christmas and to see my dog Copper see snow for the first time.

Overall, this was a great opportunity full of success.  I cannot wait to share more stories when I get home!!!