Day 11: Preparing for Galway

Today is the last day for the week that we are in the classroom teaching - we have a Thanksgiving trip to the likes of Galway for the weekend.  We will be gone from Thursday morning till Sunday evening and return to four more days in the classroom.  Today itself was a day of preparing for the trip - both John and I taught in the classroom; however, after finishing our teaching assignments in the classroom we were spending the evening prepping, packing, and resting for the journey the next day.

In the classroom, I taught about currency exchange and compound interest to the 2nd Years.  Today the class was fairly rowdy and seemingly were off task here and there - I think they knew that I was leaving for the rest of the week and took it as a time to "blow off steam."  After a couple minutes of students asking random questions, we FINALLY got to business.  Hopefully next week (Monday in particular) we will be able to finish the topic.  Rachael said she would like me to start geometric figures and structures with the class.

The other class I taught was to Jenny's 1st Years - we finalized the concept of HCF and LCM.  We went over the assigned homework and covered the processes of finding HCF and LCM.  Before the end of the class, I assigned a worksheet to do while I was gone - at first the consensus seemed disturbed at the thought of me signing a worksheet when I would be gone.  However, I reassured the students that they would have until Monday to finish the worksheet (instead of the next day - they liked this. A lot.).

After teaching, John and I went down to the local convenient store to grab a little of everything for the trip.  One thing I learned is that they always have "American" products in stores such as Pepsi, Coke, Dr. Pepper, Doritos, and even their own version of Fig Newtons called "Figrolls."

Afterwards, John and I then came back to the house and started packing all of our stuff for the four day trip that was going to happen - this also involved a few little snacks of the food we just bought and maybe a good thirty-minute nap.  Catherine came up and even gave us the newspaper to look at while we waited for dinner.  After a good hour, we then were greeted by Ava who had a little Christmas ornament that she made for the two of us (she is so adorable - all their kids are something special!) and then by Ron who told us that dinner was ready!  Dinner consisted of a stew and some greatly prepared vegetables (they are a very healthy family which was awesome to have around!!).

The rest of the evening consisted of both of us preparing for the trip by finishing packing and trying to just relax.  John had his annual Pokemon battle to take care of during the evening (which he won) and I listened to my newly updated country playlist while also playing a couple simulation basketball games on the computer and the casual uploading of several pictures I had accumulated.  Tomorrow was a big day...this meant an early night of sleep.  The trip to Galway was only a couple hours away!