Day 19: Shipping Day

Today was laid back day.  After finishing the review of Order of Operations with 1st Years and Coordinate Geometry with 2nd Years while also taking pictures with the students, I then headed into Rathmines to buy myself as well as John a box to ship things back before we head back to the states - this way I was sure to be under the weight limit.

After buying the boxes from the Mail Boxes LTD. store, I then jumped back on the 15B Bus back home to meet up with John to pack our stuff.  After packing our items including most of my gifts and clothing, I then headed with John back up to Rathmines on the 15B Bus to send out the packages.  We got there around 16.30 with plenty of time to spare - we needed to use Irish cards or cash - this meant we had to stop at the ATM before hand.  Finally, we sent out our packages and got approved that the boxes should arrive around the 20th of December.

After we made our trip back home, we decided to grab our dinner early than usual, beef stew and potatoes, and then packed our bags for our trip to Northern Ireland.  The rest of the evening was to ourselves - we just decided to lay down and work on stuff online and just watched youtube clips.

Tomorrow is the last weekend trip of the visit.  We will be going to Derry followed by Belfast on Saturday.  Hopefully the weather is well for the trip!  Till then.