Day 17: Jameson Distillery

After touring Guinness Factory the day before, John and I wanted to tour the other big beverage company in Ireland: Jameson Distillery.

The day started off bright and early with me teaching at 8.30, 9.50, and 11.45.  I was teaching all three classes: 1st Years, 2nd Years, and 4th Years or Transitions.  I taught the 1st Years the concept of Commutative Property, Associative Property, and Distributive Property.  The students picked up on the process fairly well.  The 2nd Years were beginning the discussion of Pythagorean Theorem that included information about coordinate geometry.  I gave the 2nd Year students a worksheet involving the Pythagorean Theorem and calculations.  Finally, the 4th Years I was discussing the topic of Choosing in Probability.  The students liked the concept of using a formula to determine the choices when working with probability.

After school, John and I went home real quick to drop our school materials off and then headed straight to the Jameson Distillery.  We got off the bus at George's Street and made our way across the Liffey.  The walk was about 25 minutes.  This was great because throughout the time spent in Dublin I have been averaging around 15 miles of walking and nearly 20,000 steps a day!!! I can also tell this has contributed to me having to "tighten" up the belt buckle.  I'm definitely okay with this haha.  Anyways, after getting into the Jameson Distillery, we made our way up to the counter and got tour tickets that would occur in a couple minutes.  To kill time we went upstairs into the restaurant and bar and order a drink and a small order of chips.  After finishing the food, we then made our way back downstairs and stared in awe of the view - the entire entrance of the distillery was prepared for Christmas.  Lights, deer, red and white colors mixed with the green Jameson bottles made the place feel very cozy.

At 16.20, our tour guide came out and got the group together for the tour - the tour consisted of learning the process of distillery, the background of Jameson, the likes of using barrels from the states as well as Australia, and even the whiskey tasting area - the best part.

The whiskey testing consisted of three types: one American, one Scotch, and the last one Jameson.  We learned the different tastes as well as the effect smoke-flavor has on determining the spirit and end result of whiskey.  The tour overall was great!  At the end, we had vouchers for a quick drink (I had a Jameson with Ginger and Lime) and then a station where you could fill out a form for earning a taste-testing certificate at Jameson.  Now I had a Guinness and Jameson certificate!

Afterwards, we checked out the gift shop and then made our back home.  Once again, the bus ride was about an hour ride home so when we made it back to our host house, we warmed up our dinner and sat and talked about our travels for the day with Ron and Catherine.  We then cleaned up and unpacked the purchases we made at Jameson.  We were then greet by Evan to come down and watch the season finale of The Walking Dead.  Woot woot! So glad I was able to keep on the television series while abroad. (That is one of our gifts for the boys - The first episode of the Walking Dead graphic comic).  Finally, we got ready for bed.  The next day was going to be eventful for me as I was going to see Mumford & Sons later in the evening!  I cannot wait for the concert!